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Manifestations and the Moon – Manifestation Monday

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new moon:

moon doodle sketch new moon
a time for new beginnings
to make new manifestations
set intentions
plant seeds
think of all the things you want to have happen this lunar period


waxing moon:

moon doodle sketch waxing moon
time to learn/grow
take inspired action
follow your intuition
see your manifestations come to you


full moon:

moon doodle sketch full moon
harvest time
wish fulfillment
inspired ideas
energy is amplified
prepare for your manifestations
time for the universe to deliver

waning moon:

moon doodle sketch waning moon
time to let go
break old habits
get rid of things holding you back
get used to the changes this cycle brought
feel gratitude for all the things the universe brought you


this was supposed to go up this Monday but I’ve been overwhelmed with work so I’m only publishing it now, hope you guys like it though! let me know what you think!

Here’s the video:


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