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Hey guys,

haven’t posted in a couple of months but that’s how this blog is. I don’t love doing fashion posts as much as I used to and every time I try to push myself to post more than one look a week, I stop posting altogether. So now I’ll make a promise to you all, to post one post every single week. If I feel like posting more I’ll do so but at least every Friday you get a post <3

Shot this with my favorite photographer Tina, check out her insta she’s amazing. Some photographers  you shoot with for a whole day and you get like four mediocre pictures out of it. But we always shoot maybe four looks in 30 min and all the pictures turn out amazing.

I’ve never been into skirts and always thought this one was way to short so it was just laying in my closet for ages. But I recently dug it up and thought it looked kind of cute. I know it’s winter for some of you, but here in LA we’ve been having some really hot days.

Paired the skirt with this super super soft sweater from forever, which is sold out now but here are some things that are similar, or that I just liked and wanted to post.

OH the boots almost published without mentioning those. I have 3 very similar pairs of these from Zara, velvet, fabric and leather. This is my favorite style, I think they look good on everyone. It was hard to find similar ones in other stores that weren’t expensive, zara is always sold out of everything, but I linked some that I could find below.

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