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How to Make Instagram Collages on Your Phone

Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to create collages on your phone. I do these kinds of posts all the time, whether its a photo within a photo:

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a polaroid within a photo:

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or a bunch of photos in one photo:

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I’ve also done more complicated collages like these back when I was doing the full collage grid. If you want to see a tutorial on that let me know and I’d love to make one. One of my favorites from that series was this post with two video polaroids:

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As well as this one, where I recreated a Valfre costume:

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Anyways if you guys want to learn how to make awesome collages right on your phone check out my video:




Here are some more detailed instructions if the video wasn’t clear enough.

Open the app PicsArt

Click edit and then pick a photo

Click “add photo”

Choose one or more pictures to add to your collage

Rearrange them

And save

That’s basically all there is to it.

Some tips:

Edit both the top and bottom pictures separately beforehand.

Find some cute clip arts or quotes to add to your collage

Add a frame (like a polaroid) on top of your collage

Last tip: If you want to add a quote, like in the picture below, find a quote with black text on a plain white background, add the photo, then select the blend at the bottom, and pick multiply. That will only keep the black and make the white transparent.


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