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A Very Valfre Halloween

valfre-halloween-julesdiaries-julia-roga-free-people-costumevalfre-halloween-julesdiaries-julia-roga-free-people-costume glitter makeupvalfre-halloween-julesdiaries-julia-roga-free-people-costume glitter makeupvalfre-halloween-julesdiaries-julia-roga-free-people-costume glitter makeup Ok so this post is wayyyy overdue but as I’ve said before I’m irresponsible and unable to keep a deadline. Also I’ve just been struggling with this whole blogging thing. Like idk lately I’ve just been thinking what’s the point, not lately, ever since I started four years ago I’ve been questioning what’s the point. And I think the reason its not doing so well is because I haven’t been able to answer that question for myself. I’m sure other bloggers out there feel the same way, like I’ll work on a post for a couple hours and then think who gives a crap and not even post. Like why should anyone care about what I’m wearing and what I’m eating, what value is this bringing anyone. And I know that I follow people strictly for the aesthetics like I love the look of their pictures so I follow their instas and read their blogs but idk when I post anything I always just think what is the point of this content I’m putting out there, am I just adding to this internet noise, so that’s why my insta and blog are always changing, cause im trying to find something different. So yeah my apologies for my inabilities to post consistently, hope you enjoy the weirdness of this post though. If you do stop by and miraculously read this till here, leave a comment if you can relate to those fraudulent, adding-to-the-internet-noise feels. (no one leaves comment *tears*) Till next time, whenever that may be<3 Oh and this is what I was for halloween, check out valfre’s instagram if you don’t know who this is  

2 thoughts on “A Very Valfre Halloween

  1. I think you’re doing a fantastic job. I wanted to make a blog myself but felt that I’m not important enough (and by important I mean well known/famous) for people to want to read anything I post. But what makes you different is that instead of the “what if” you just went ahead and did it anyways. It’ll take some time but the structure and development is there. Never stop.

  2. Internet noise haha very well said. I know exactly how you feel in regards to why is it even worth to post this or not. I feel as if were facing the same issues and would like to connect more on that. Hope all is well.

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