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Hi loves,

So I haven’t posted in a bit, but I’m working on so many side projects right now that I feel too overwhelmed to post on my blog. Which is kind of the reason why I get to do these side project so I should probably respect the space. Either way I’ve been working on some website design and branding for some other bloggers, as well as trying to be more creative in this space. I feel like the posts that I like more are ones that are a little bit weird and a little bit different, which is why I’ve been trying to change things up on my Instagram as well. I keep trying to make it like an endless collage, but it’s turning out to be a little bit more difficult than I thought it would, I’m going to try to keep it up for little bit longer but if I can’t figure how to post more frequently I’m gonna have to just go back to regular posting. I’ve also been doing a lot more doodles on my Instagram, which are again really fun, very time-consuming. Other than that I’ve been focusing on some design projects and getting my e-commerce stores ready for the holiday season. Also let me know what you guys think of these collages cause they’re pretty fun an I’m considering more posts like these.

As always a few outfit links (these are affiliate but by affiliate I mean I get like half a penny if you click on these): 

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