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So today I wanted to share with you guys by skincare favorites, my acne quick fixes. Now I’ve had really bad acne for as long as I can remember, as a teenager I guess it’s fine because it’s pretty common, although it was pretty detrimental to my self-esteem, but the older I get the more annoying it becomes, I’m like an adult now why oh why do I still break out so much. I’ve been to countless dermatologists and doctors who’ve prescribed like a thousand different things, which looking back I can say probably damaged my skin and body more than they helped. I tried the “natural DIY use stuff from your fridge” kind of remedies but they’re really weak and ineffective on my skin, some stuff worked and I’ll share the “natural” ones with you in a later post, but today I share with you the miracle products. Seriously this stuff has done wonders for my skin, like I can actually see my face now, and take makeupless selfies, YAY!

So here goes:



  1. Goldfaden MD

So this company sent me stuff to try out, so yes it was free for me but omg no joke its like the greatest thing my face has ever experienced. All their stuff is hypoallergenic, so no fragrances or anything. The ingredients are really nice too and again no breakouts from them, at least for me. I think I have an intolerance to a lot of products out there because they work for a while and then my face revolts after a few days and were back to blemishes. I’ve been using this stuff for like 2-3 weeks and all my face is doing is clearing up.

My favorite definitely is the doctors advanced scrub. I was skeptical because my face is ultra-sensitive and this scrub looks pretty abrasive, but I’ve been using it about 2-3 times a week and my skin lost that dull bumpy texture it had before. I highly recommend this one.

The mask and the serum are great too. The mask I can’t really leave overnight because of my ultra super duper sensitive skin however I do it for a few hours either in the evening or morning, depending on when I have time and it leaves my skin looking alive, you know like moisturized but not oily. It’s also really great and highly recommended. The serum I haven’t tried out as much because I’ve been using the La Prairie moisturizer (sample :’( ) for now but the couple of times I tested it, my skin again felt really plump and soft.

Overall they get 5 stars from me

  1. La Prairie

Ugh what can I say this is my favorite skin care line of all time. I don’t know what magic goes into this stuff, well actually I do, gold, caviar, and crystals, that’s the magic that’s inside these bottles. Sucks that it’s so expensive, I feel like they charge you $100 just for staring at it too long. But omg what wonders this line does for your skin. I do have the cleanser (it’s $80, which yeah is pricey but it’s the cheapest thing there that I’ve tried and loved, and its bottled magic) also that tube of cleanser last forever, definitely worth the purchase. The other two pictured, the caviar foundation and the crystal moisturizer, I’ve tried samples of but they were really really amazing. Usually foundation feels a little heavy by the end of the day, with this one however you feel like you’re not even wearing makeup. Another bonus you need the tiniest drop of it for your whole face, it comes on super smooth, not cakey not oily, just covers up everything. And lastly it does good stuff to your pores instead of clogging them up. Same thing with the moisturizer, it’s just really great.

Downside of this stuff is its super pricey, but if you have the money go buy it, it’s amazing. Psst if you don’t have the money go sample them, you won’t regret it.

  1. SK-II

Lastly I’ll briefly mention SK-II. I do really like their stuff, both the facial treatment lotion and the treatment essence are like liquid moisturizers/toners. Only problem is that I need to really be having a good skin day already and then their products give me an even better skin day. If my face is too dry or too oily they sometimes break me out (but again super ultra sensitive skin).

I do strongly recommend the masks for long flights, they leave you looking very well rested, it’s really awesome if you have to be somewhere right off the plane.


alright have an awesome week, hope this helped you a little <3

Xoxo, Julia, julesdiaries, julia roga





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