It’s Summer in Denimocracy

So this was written two weeks ago when i was going to publish this post… Since then my site stopped working and I still have not figured out a way to fix it, I found a way to upload posts but everything else on the site is broken. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon but at least I know how to upload now… Here’s the post from two weeks ago:
So I just finished my finals and I can focus on other things. It’s officially summer! I’ve been wanting to work on some projects outside of school, but my classes were a priority and I needed to just focus on that. Excited to have this free time now, but also a little nervous about it. I feel like I use homework as an excuse to not work on the side projects, now that I’m done I’m nervous to do other things. Before school was out, I had the ability to say “I can’t do that right now, I have homework”. Now that schools over I can’t say that anymore and I’m having a difficult time starting these projects. Anyone else have this problem?
Anyways moving on to the outfit.I got the shorts from the brand called that Marcy, which is my all time favorite brand for pants. I’ve tried on a bunch of high waisted shorts in different stores, but they always look weird on me. These are the only ones that I’ve loved 100%. I’m really really in love with this outfit, maybe the crop top is a little short so it might not be appropriate everywhere, it’s perfect for certain occasions. The floral bralette and the long vest are both from forever 21, actually so are the shoes. I bought this vest for Coachella, but unfortunately didn’t wear it then. Hope you guys are at least almost done with school if not already on break<3

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