The DIARIES vol 1

the diaries by julesdiaries triangl bikinis unbreakable kimmy schmidt elastic heart sia the weekend h&m coachella hm charmsiesthe diaries by julesdiaries charmsiesthe diaries by julesdiaries triangl bikinisthe diaries by julesdiaries H&M for coachellathe diaries by julesdiaries unbreakable kimmy schmidt netflixthe diaries by julesdiaries elastic heart sia the weekend


So I’m gonna start doing these weekly Diaries posts of things I loved that week<3

The pictures are all links to the outfits/people/songs/tv-shows/accessories/etc. that are in the picture
(however you have to right click, open in a new tab, because for some reason it’s not working)

None of this stuff is sponsored just wanted to share things I loved<3

1. Saw these at Kitson and got curious, I think they’ll be really cute for coachella!

2.I’m just obsessed with triangl bikinis, and they keep coming up with new ones all the time

3. Love H&M, love coachella so I had to buy something, super cute festival stuff

4.SUCH a good show! A must watch if you have time and netflix<3

5. Love the original elastic heart song, heard the remix, fell in love with it more<3



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