✈ Going to Russia ✈


Off to Russia now✈✈✈ Took some pictures at the airport keep reading for more↓↓↓


  1. My comfy plane outfit: Jumper from Romwe (reminds me of a wildfox jumper),some black shorts, comfy flats and a pony tail.
  2. Bought some goodies at the duty free: They had mini versions of perfumes, I got this little set of miss dior, and three chanel nail polishes (rose cache, fracas, and june).
  3. Had an amazing 13 hour flight: slept through most of it and watched the first LoTR movie for the first time. Btw the green drinks in pictures one and three are just cups of water mixed with the green drink powder from trader joes (which im obsessed with).

airplane1 copy

{back to this picture… the top middle is a poster of Leonardo Dicaprio at the airport♥♥♥… the top left is my dog sleeping on my lap(she slept through the whole 13 hours)… middle left is the aforementioned green drink… and the bottom middle is again the drink with my glittery airplane nails}

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