Meeting Adriana Lima & Behati Prinsloo

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Yesterday I had the privilege to meet two of the wolds most beautiful women Victoria’s Secret Angles Adriana Lima & Behati Prinsloo. Everyone who knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Victoria’s Secret so meeting two of the angels was one of the most exciting things ever! They are even more beautiful in real life! I tried to take as many pictures as i could so continue reading to see more:)


 (so first of all we got there super early and there was already a huge line there. They had an “express” line where if you buy stuff from their store you get in faster so two hours in we broke down and bought stuff. }

lima interview

{right when we left the line and walked to the store Lima came out to film the “what is sexy?” video and we got in it and got to see her. we got so lucky, it was such perfect timing.

lima looked my phone

{Lima definitely looked at my phone}

more pictures

{this is what it looked like inside, they had a little studio set up and on the left are Behati and Adriana}

2 copy

{so here is my picture with them, Adriana looks absolutely gorgeous}

1 copy

{and then my friend and I came back after getting food like 30 min later and took another photo with them. we asked them to do funny faces:D i think Behati steals this picture}


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