Palm Pants and Upcoming Plans

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Ok I’m Back to this blog for good. I know I take these long hiatuses where I don’t post anything but I’m really going to try and not do that anymore. Also this blog is going to shift in a slightly new direction. The next two weeks are going to be similar to how its been but then I’m going to slowly transition into a new more exciting route that I’m positive all of you will like even better so just stay tuned for that. I know I’m not the best writer but I’ve been going through some things recently and I wanted to share in some upcoming posts. I feel like everyone in their twenties is feeling the same way, completely lost, yet for some reason everyone around seems to think that we need to have all our stuff together. I am so confused about what I want to do with the rest of my life it terrifies me. So instead of writing pointless stuff in these little paragraphs I’m going to try to inspire you guys, or at least ramble on about what I’m going through so you don’t feel like you’re alone in it. A quick word about my outfit and then I’m done. The pants and shirt are from forever21, I couldn’t find the pants anymore but I found some similar looking things that I linked below. The cardigan and the shoes are my go to for any outfit. They are seriously the most overused in my closet but I love them because they can make anything look really chic. The bag I got from Kate spade a couple years ago and its also one of my favorites.

Cardigan: —————————-  Crea Concept Waterfall Cardigan, Black

Top: Forever 21————————— Forever 21 Floral Fields Racerback Tank

Pants: Forever 21—————–JUST CAVALLIforever21 Island Print LeggingsFYMME - Trousers - greenInsight The Averted Python Pants in Kamikaze

Bag: Kate Spade:————————–KATE SPADE NEW YORK Cobble Hill Mini Carson Crossbody BagC'N'C' COSTUME NATIONAL Handbag


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