Spring Wonderland

Processed with RookieZara WonderlandZara WonderlandProcessed with RookieZara WonderlandZara WonderlandZara WonderlandSo spring is coming to an end and aside from being finals week right now, May is my favorite month.  May is my birthday month and every year it is the month where I experience the most changes in my life (that and December). This time last year I got signed to my agency and ever since then I’ve transformed my life for the better every single day. Looking back now it is amazing how much I’ve changed just the past year. Spring is a great time clear the clutter out of our lives and to really see what and who is important in them. So do some spring cleaning and figure yourself out. This little shoot @melieckrob and I did was very light and sunny. It really reflects my whole idea of spring. The outfit is mostly Zara, the shoes aren’t Valentinos but look a lot like the real thing. I have another post on Valentino Rockstud dupes that you can check out here. Alright hope you guys have an amazing week and as always the links to everything I’m wearing are down below.

Necklace: Forever21————–  Forever 21 Minimalist Faux Stone Necklace



Shoes:————————-Persunmall White Ankle Strap Flats with Studs

Spring Wonderland

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  1. Oh my, I really love thoes shoes but Valentino’s are too expensive for a newbe like me hahaha

    I’ve just found your blog and I can’t believe how much I like it! You already have a new follower, hope you like me too, i’ve just started but I’m making my way to the top, just as you are!

    Good luck and loove ♥


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