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Valentino Rockstud Dupes!

I’m absolutely in love with the Rockstud collection by Valentino, however the price point is a little steep for me. Like most working girls I always look for a better deal or a cheaper alternative. I spent a few hours online and as it turns out there are many affordable dupes for these beautiful shoes. Here are my findings<3


Ivanka Trump $58.95 I think these are really cute and the quality seems really nice, and I’m not sure but I think that these actually came out before the Valentino ones did (but again I’m not sure). I also think its nice that they are 80% cheaper than the Valentino ones.

Wet Seal $12.90 With these ones I think that you get what you paid for, the quality obviously is not close to the Valentino ones, and they will most likely fall apart much faster. However I still think they’re cute and a very good deal (96% cheaper than Valentino).


Forever 21 $24.80 I think these are the closest to the Valentino ones, especially the black ones. They’re not glossy like the ones I had in that picture but I just found ones that look identical to the Forever 21 ones on the Valentino website. (and they’re like 96% cheaper:))

Sole Society $50 and Piperlime $40 I think these are cute but I don’t think they look as good as the Forever 21 ones.

(Edit May 2014)

These are currently the only available ones:

However check out these cheap Valentino Rockstud Dupes that I just made a new post about  (link to where to get them in the post)

Zara Wonderland01c0b17519f7f0a158be0ec0817b083d8fb0b6cfc6White Ankle Strap Flats with StudsZara Wonderland


ShoeDazzle $39.95 I think these shoes look very similar to the Valentino ones. If you want you could probably even stud the top strap and the sides to make it look even more similar. I think they’re a great deal and I’m definitely going to order them. (btw picture next to the shoe is from here)

Sole Society $49.95 These ones are cute too but I personally prefer the Shoedazzle ones.

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Did you try any of these out? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments:)