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Jamberry Polyvore Nails

Jamberry polyvore nails

Jamberry polyvore nails

Jamberry polyvore nailsJamberry polyvore nailsJamberry polyvore nails


So I got these super cool nail wraps from polyvore and I thought I’d

review them for you and show you how to apply them. It was pretty easy but it always nice to have instructions.

1)      Clean up your nails and push back you cuticles

3)      Match the sticker size to the nail (slightly smaller is better)2)      I used a base coat at this point but I wouldn’t recommend it because thy will look really bulky

4)      Peel off and heat up the sticky side for a few seconds

5)      Quickly apply sticker to nail starting from the base

6)      Smooth it down with a cuticle pusher

7)      Cut the ends and file them off

8)      Apply heat and pressure to your nail and you’re done


These were really simple to do, took maybe 20 minutes, and turned out kind of cute. The thing I regretted was putting the base coat on first which made them look really bulky on the nail. I also learned that you should pick a sticker slightly smaller then the nail to make them look skinnier and longer. All in all I think these stickers are worth the try, especially because you can send your own design and have them custom made for you.


Jamberry polyvore nails

Jamberry polyvore nails  

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Valentines Day Nails


Hey guys! So I thought of this cute nail design for valentines day and thought is share it with you. You’re going to need a red and white polish, a topcoat, some foil glue (this one came in a ciaté kit but you can find some here) and lastly you will need some nail foil (or stickers). I found these on eBay (here) and it comes in a really big strip for only 99cents.


First paint your nails two coats alternating white and red. Once that has completely dried apply a thin coat of glue to white nails and let it dry for like a minute till it turns clear before applying the foil (the drier the glue the better it will stick). Once the glue is clear and really sticky apply pieces of the foil that best fit the nail. Put the foil shiny side up and press firmly, use another nail to scratch the design off the foil onto the nail. Let it dry off a bit more then topcoat your nails and you’re done. Have a wonderful valentines day