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Manifestations and the Moon – Manifestation Monday

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new moon:

moon doodle sketch new moon
a time for new beginnings
to make new manifestations
set intentions
plant seeds
think of all the things you want to have happen this lunar period


waxing moon:

moon doodle sketch waxing moon
time to learn/grow
take inspired action
follow your intuition
see your manifestations come to you


full moon:

moon doodle sketch full moon
harvest time
wish fulfillment
inspired ideas
energy is amplified
prepare for your manifestations
time for the universe to deliver

waning moon:

moon doodle sketch waning moon
time to let go
break old habits
get rid of things holding you back
get used to the changes this cycle brought
feel gratitude for all the things the universe brought you


this was supposed to go up this Monday but I’ve been overwhelmed with work so I’m only publishing it now, hope you guys like it though! let me know what you think!

Here’s the video:


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How to Make Instagram Collages on Your Phone

Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to create collages on your phone. I do these kinds of posts all the time, whether its a photo within a photo:

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a polaroid within a photo:

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or a bunch of photos in one photo:

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I’ve also done more complicated collages like these back when I was doing the full collage grid. If you want to see a tutorial on that let me know and I’d love to make one. One of my favorites from that series was this post with two video polaroids:

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As well as this one, where I recreated a Valfre costume:

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Anyways if you guys want to learn how to make awesome collages right on your phone check out my video:




Here are some more detailed instructions if the video wasn’t clear enough.

Open the app PicsArt

Click edit and then pick a photo

Click “add photo”

Choose one or more pictures to add to your collage

Rearrange them

And save

That’s basically all there is to it.

Some tips:

Edit both the top and bottom pictures separately beforehand.

Find some cute clip arts or quotes to add to your collage

Add a frame (like a polaroid) on top of your collage

Last tip: If you want to add a quote, like in the picture below, find a quote with black text on a plain white background, add the photo, then select the blend at the bottom, and pick multiply. That will only keep the black and make the white transparent.