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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

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All amazon links are below, they have one day delivery or even same day delivery for some so you can still make it. Being Russian I celebrate New Years so I still have a week to get my gifts. Also doing a giveaway on my Instagram tomorrow so look out for that (@juliaroga)

the links are affiliate but this post is definitely not sponsored

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SkinCare – My Acne Quick Fixes


So today I wanted to share with you guys by skincare favorites, my acne quick fixes. Now I’ve had really bad acne for as long as I can remember, as a teenager I guess it’s fine because it’s pretty common, although it was pretty detrimental to my self-esteem, but the older I get the more annoying it becomes, I’m like an adult now why oh why do I still break out so much. I’ve been to countless dermatologists and doctors who’ve prescribed like a thousand different things, which looking back I can say probably damaged my skin and body more than they helped. I tried the “natural DIY use stuff from your fridge” kind of remedies but they’re really weak and ineffective on my skin, some stuff worked and I’ll share the “natural” ones with you in a later post, but today I share with you the miracle products. Seriously this stuff has done wonders for my skin, like I can actually see my face now, and take makeupless selfies, YAY!

So here goes:


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