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I Love Fall

I can find something great in every season but this one is seriously one of my favorites. I think the reason is that in California we experience a very dramatic change in the weather somewhere in early October. While everyone is getting ready for Halloween in the hot weather and picking costumes that show very generous amounts

Sweater Weather
Sweater Weather by julesdiaries

of skin, the weather goes bipolar and freezing temperatures visit California (freezing weather to Californians is pretty much sundress weather for the rest of the world). Speaking of Halloween costumes how did you guys like my Halloween post? (if you haven’t seen it yet you should go check it out).  However this giant change in weather brings beautiful streets with falling leaves and rainy sidewalks. I used to love walking home from school right after the rain had passed, in the brisk weather with the smell of rainy sidewalks, it was probably the only time I really enjoyed that long walk.  I decided to put some of my absolute favorite things about this season in this set. I absolutely love the comfort clothes that this season brings, it allows you to be more at home in public and to forget about appearances. I think that is why this season is filled up with delicious food holidays. We are allowed to pig out on Halloween and thanksgiving because the next day we can through on a giant oversized sweater and no one ever has to know that you ate two pumpkin pies by yourself last night. That’s why I believe leggings, scarves, and oversized sweaters are a must this season. Another favorite of mine from this season is the smells that come with it. I absolutely adore the smell on the streets after the rain has passed and the smell of food cooking for the holidays. But my all time favorite smell is the one they pump into the air of certain stores like Michael’s and Pier1.  I got this “Leaves” candle from bath and body works and it is probably the closest smell I could find to the one in the stores. We plugged in a bunch of wallflowers into all the outlets at our house and the entire house smells like holiday happiness now. Lastly I absolutely adore that wearing all dark colors is more acceptable in this cold weather because most of my wardrobe is dark fall colors so I definitely have the most options in this season. I will definitely have a lot of fall outfit posts coming up in the near future so stay tuned for those and I will link them all below.

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Thank you so much Polyvore!

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
So an incredible thing happened to me this week… Polyvore posted this set that pisces7 made for me on their featured page! It got about 320,000 views and about 2,600 likes!!! How incredible is that! and because of this lovely set my blog got a bunch of views:D I really want to thank Polyvore and Pisces7 for these vies you guys are spectacular and I love you!